Currently, I work at GroupLang. We study how LLMs interacting with a group impact incentives. We are hiring, and are remote first.

I go by nikete in everything but the most formal of documents. Active on https://twitter.com/nikete,

Broadly, I am motivated to work towards the improvement of the understanding. Designing, building and understanding the computational engines that mediate collective cognition. Methodologically my tools come mostly from economics and machine learning. I enjoy theory-driven work and opportunistic experimentation. I care about how can we better eliciting what are the best deicisions that can be taken. I have studied and helped in building and running various markets and related institutions accross a wide variety of domains (social media, pharmaceuticals, betting, advertising, music royalties, MEV). I have also done work on improving observational understanding of decision making in non-market settings, most intensely in hospital ICUs.

I have co-authored paper in machine learning conferences (NIPS, WWW, UAI, IJCAI) and medical journals (Critical Care Medicine, Chest, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine). Google scholar has a good first approximation of my output.. My PhD thesis was on algorithm and mechanism design for aiding decision making while preserving the freedom of choice of the subject of those decisions.

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